What to Expect

Each project requires a unique design solution.  And each solution is represented on paper in a way that we feel will most clearly convey the elements of the design.  We use plans, sketches, drafting programs, 3D software, renderings, images, and other methods to illustrate our process and proposals.  The below are just a few examples of products produced during the Schematic and Conceptual Landscape Phase.


Some projects benefit from computer renderings to help convey design intent.  Beyond helping clients understand our vision, they often act as marketing materials for commercial purposes or as motivating imagery to help sway design review boards in our favor.

Montecito Hedgerow

Village Terrace Home Owners Association

Mesa Pacific Vista

Oak Grove Foothill Estate

Palos Verdes

Alameda Padre Serra

Santa Ynez Ranch & Vineyard Development

Encino Hills

Montecito Estate

Miramar Beachside Development

Ojai Re-imagine

Hope Ranch Re-fresh

Menlo Park Custom

Atherton Custom

Atherton Custom

Mission Canyon

San Carlos Hillside

Valley Club Remodel