RMLA is no ordinary landscape architecture office.


We aim to push boundaries and challenge expectations on each and every project.  We value new technology, modern materials, sustainable approaches, and often come into the office with dirt under our fingernails. 

For us, the dynamic nature of landscape keeps every project alive long past the installation date.  There is no greater joy than to be surprised by unanticipated moments in a designed garden a decade after its conception on paper.




Although our projects usually involve planting trees, we feel more must be done.  In partnership with One Tree Planted, we work to lighten our impact abroad.  Learn more about this organization here.

Principal, Landscape Architect

Rob Maday


Rob Maday, ASLA, graduated with honors from Cal Poly State University San Luis Obispo, College of Architecture and Environmental Design, with a degree in Landscape Architecture and a desire to create landscapes in keeping with California’s climate and culture.  Since then, Maday spent many years working with notable local landscape architects in the Santa Barbara area.

Maday established RMLA in 2009 and has garnered years of managerial and design experience with a diverse group of work including residential, estate gardens, large-scale residential developments, habitat restoration, commercial, and institutional projects.  He leaves a trail of satisfied clients and memorable landscapes in his wake.

With offices in Santa Barbara and the San Francisco Bay Area, RMLA's work encompasses a wide swath of California's mediterranean landscape. 

In addition, Maday founded, developed, and maintains LandscapeResource.com.  The community site's mission is to inform and inspire a diverse audience about responsible landscaping.


Brooks Mikkelsen
Landscape Designer, Project Manager

After receiving her Masters of Landscape Architecture from University of Texas, Austin, Brooks found her way to California. Once here she joined a large multi-disciplinary firm in Los Angeles as an Associate. When life brought her further north up the coast to Santa Barbara, RMLA was more than happy to bring her into the team in 2019. She brings a wide range of experience in residential, commercial, and urban projects.


Keir Smith
Landscape Architect, Project Manager

Keir has been with RMLA since 2012 and graduated with honors from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a degree in Landscape Architecture. After graduating Keir interned at Lotusland, a world renowned botanical display garden in his hometown of Santa Barbara, CA. This experience energized his desire to create innovative and unexpected landscapes.

Keir then worked as a designer and construction supervisor for a prominent landscape contractor in Santa Barbara gaining valuable experience in all aspects of the construction process. This background has enabled him to see a project through from the initial design concept to final construction walk-through.

His local roots, technical knowledge, and creativity combine to serve our clients well in his role as project manager.


Providing assistance a diverse group of projects, our office is experienced with a deep and wide skill set.  Below is a sample of the capabilities we provide.



  • Large scale site analysis and invenotry
  • Water use studies and projections
  • Coordination with diverse project teams



  • WELO Compliance
  • Water Budgets
  • Irrigation Scheduling


  • Layout, Planting, Hardscape, Grading, Drainage, Construction Details, Planting, Irrigation, Lighting, Tree Preservation
  • Construction Specifications
  • Maintenance Schedules


  • Analysis of maintenance deficiencies
  • Sustainability Outlines
  • Tree and sofstcape analysis
  • Irrigation systems check and analysis
  • General gardening technique reveiw


  • Hand Rendering
  • Computer Rendering
  • 3D Models



  • Selection of specimen trees
  • Brokering of planting lists
  • Visiting nurseries and quarries for quality product inspection
  • In-field installation / assistance of specialty products

We feel the best mark of our service is not necessarily the landscapes that are created, but the relationships that are forged through the design, construction, and maintenance of a project.  Here are a sample of RMLA accolades from clients with landscapes in California:

Rob-Hope you are well and everything is busy in your world.  I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that your projects have definitely inspired me.  I have had a few instances on jobs where we need to spiff up the landscape and I am constantly reflecting on your work.  It is so relevant to California and has a natural, effortless beauty that I know is very calculated from your side.

It’s always fun to look through your website and see your current work.  Hope we can work together again soon!

Diego Monchamp

Creative Director, Brown Design Group


"It is our great pleasure to work with you and the team.  The project has exceeded our expectations, and yesterday's award (from the Los Angeles Business Council) was further confirmation of all of the positive feedback we have received so far.   And congratulations once again on the award, it is well deserved."

Elbar Investments

Van Nuys, CA

“We had a very positive experience working with Rob Maday, who designed our yard and garden for our new home.  He was easy to work with, delivered on our requests and provided excellent suggestions along the way.  It has now been 2-1/2 years since the project was completed, and we continue to be extremely pleased with his work.  We highly recommend him!”

Carin and John

Palo Alto, CA

We feel very lucky to have found you and indeed hope you stay connected and drop by periodically to see how all is going and growing.  You really did a wonderful job on our dream home.

Scott and Paula

Palo Alto, CA

My yard was a blank slate.  It needed complete re-grading, extensive drainage solutions, and lots of "hardscape" items such as stone walls, a new approach to the front door, fencing, an inviting outdoor shower area, barbecue grill and fireplace.  We began with a lengthy, detailed email describing my "wish list."  I envisioned a low-maintenance, worry-free landscape. Children needed space to run and play, yet with an edge that would keep them safe from the street.  I asked that landscape views be created; that the yard would live as large as possible, having interesting focal points visible from inside and out.  Night lighting needed to be designed that wouldn't disturb the neighborhood.  Color, texture, informality, ease of care, plants that changed with the seasons were all important.  I was asking for a yard that was carefree, somewhat whimsical, making everyone smile with little surprises.

Rob reviewed my lengthy list, understood the scope of work, and didn't bat an eye.  His plans were creative, innovative and right on target.  Rob used all his skills and experience to astound me with imaginative solutions.  Managing various contractors and vendors seemed to natural to him; it was obvious to me that Rob had their admiration and respect.  His plant selection was interesting and varied, including predominantly native varieties.  I wish you could come and see the finished landscape, complete with meandering wall, a secret garden for the grandkids, a huge custom stone dining table and a front porch overlooking tree swings straight out of Winnie the Pooh.  Rob continues to stop by, checking on how plants are faring, taking pictures of the blooms and rejoicing in our successful venture together.

Ellen Robinson

Carpinteria, CA

In the real estate business, like all businesses, it is critical that a client is treated with the highest level of customer satisfaction. While this has always been part of the ingredient for success, during these difficult economic times, it is the lifeline for survival.

Rob Maday delivered exceptional customer satisfaction while helping us with our home. He managed our expectations while over-delivering his services. Having worked for many years in the real estate and development business it is rare to find someone like him.

Thank you for an excellent relationship Rob!

Matthew Boeddeker


Mission Property Developers, LLC

Rob's professional attitude and patience along with his depth and expertise with native/drought tolerant plant species helped to transform our dull front yard bermuda grass lawn into a flourishing garden!  Rob worked extensively with us to develop a plan that provided the brilliant colorful species for my wife and the drought tolerant species for me.  It's spring and the garden is flourishing!  Thanks!  

Pat D,

Ventura, CA

Dear Rob,

We are writing to you to thank you for all you have done to make our house a home.  The landscape design and implementation was outstanding and your creativity and willingness to listen to our needs and desires was exemplary.

Our landscape makes us smile every day.  Your ability to work with a difficult site with many slopes has paid off for us this winter.  We are very comfortable that our erosion problems are completely under control.
In addition to making sure the hillside is safe you have brought beauty to our landscape with your gorgeous plant selections and design.  Each member of the family has a favorite, the fire pit, the water feature, the spa, the outdoor bbq area are all used frequently.  Your design has drawn us back outside to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.

Thank you for listening, thank you for your diligence and most of all thank you for being there for us every step of the project.  We are always available as a reference for you.

Sandra and Ian Wood

Santa Barbara, CA

Rob Maday is a talented individual who has a great understanding of the Santa Barbara landscape vernacular.  He exudes endless enthusiasm and creativity making his landscapes unique and timeless.

We started out with Rob on a blank canvas knowing we wanted a traditional Mediterranean landscape, Rob listened to our specific interests and guided us carefully in both design and plant selection.  From site meetings to fantastic water color drawings, Rob has and continues to be a pleasure to work with! 

Jonathan and Elizabeth Raith

Montecito, CA

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